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Hi I’m Mayesky!!

either at home drinking my FAVORITE black coffee (with just a pinch of brown sugar) or having classic margarita at my favorite Mexican restaurant in the afternoon!

As my life has gained years of experience, I have loved being in my 30s! I have learned so much over the years! Quality over quantity has been a mantra for me lately. The more I take time to enjoy life and slow down, the more I appreciate the simple things in life. Even though I consider myself an adventurer, I am not always busy rushing to accomplish the next 'BIG thing'.

The in-between moments are what have mattered to me the most! With that I mean, the deep breath of fresh air I take as I gaze at stellar views from the most amazing view point (knowing there is a god) on a mountain, And the feel of the sand as it slips between my fingers, realizing there are a million tiny particles in my hand.

Quality over Quantity



Elementary education

Mexican food



seeing older people in love!

my husband!


I fell in love with photography

Tiny homes

3 years ago


Hiking and cycling

Some stuff you need

to know about me!

Even though I love the wind swept look, the heavy laughter , and all the soft intimate moments, I promise that I am not the girl who will make you feel uncomfortable in a session or on your wedding day! I won't tell you to do a million different poses that won't generate authentic emotion!

With my mantra being quality over quantity, I don't want to just capture a million meaningless photos. I want to capture the raw and real emotions! I want to document the quality photos, the one where you hard core laugh because your grandma said something unbelievable (LOL) and those sweet intimate tears as your hunny brushes them from your face as you are saying your vows for the very first time!

I want to be your person, the one you can count on! I want to really know the true you, and your beautiful story!

To my


When you book with me, you are booking a friend that cares more about who you are individually! I'll be the girl who will answer all questions or give advice when you ask for it! I'll be the girl to grab you water or coffee in between! I'll be the friend that still checks up on you months after your wedding day, asking if we could meet for coffee or wine!

I'm the photographer for the ones who are always down for an adventure session whether that means hiking through nature or getting on the sandy beaches! I'm for the couple that doesn't mind taking a little extra time and getting a little dirty (not on your white dress of course) , or trying new things! I'm for the one who cares more about the moment, the quality over the quantity!

If you value moments, I am YOUR girl!