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How to plan a modern wedding at The Lightner Museum in St. Augustine, Florida

As a Florida wedding Photographer, I see no shortage of stunning classic and modern weddings but a wedding at The Lightner Museum tops the cake! From the ceremony inside the historic pool to the intimate vow exchanges in the outdoor terraces and gardens. It’s a location that is overflowing with beautiful architecture that makes guests feel as if they are experiencing Old St. Augustine in the late 1800’s.

The Lightner Museum wedding venue also has a modern touch that makes it ideal for gorgeous photos. This historic venue is perfect for couples who want to experience St. Augustine’s old charm with a modern flair!


About The Lightner Museum Wedding Venue


The Lightner Museum in St. Augustine, FL, offers a unique and historic setting for weddings. With its elegant architecture and versatile event spaces, including a romantic courtyard and a grand ballroom, couples can tailor their celebration to their vision.

Where is The Lightner Museum?

The Lightner Museum is conveniently located in downtown St. Augustine, Florida, at 75 King St. Its central location allows for easy access to other attractions in the historic district, making it an ideal stop for visitors exploring the city’s rich cultural heritage.

Closest Major Cities/Towns:

The closest cities to St. Augustine, FL include Jacksonville to the north, Palm Coast to the south, and Daytona Beach to the southwest. The closest airport is Jacksonville International Airport. 

Average driving time from Jacksonville, Florida: 45-50 minutes

Average driving time from Palm Coast, Florida: 30 minutes



Why should you have your wedding at The Lightner Museum?

Now that you know where The Lightner Museum is, let’s dive into all the parts about the venue, and answer the big question you came here with: Why should we get married at The Lightner Museum? I know there are countless other beautiful wedding venues in St. Augustine Florida, so here are the reasons that The Lightner Museum  might be the one for you! 


The property is beautiful and intimate:

If you are familiar with St. Augustine, you will know all about the hustle and bustle of the historic city!  This particular venue has stunning architecture wrapped around almost an entire block! So if you want to celebrate your wedding day in a venue that really does show off Old St. Augustine The Lightner Museum is perfect! 


You’ll celebrate right in the middle of the Historic City: 

Like I mentioned before, The Lightner Museum is located right in the middle of Old St. Augustine. You can say your vows and party inside or outside of the property but then take amazing wedding photos around the city. This venue is such a treat because of its location in the middle of the city. 



Multiple wedding sites: 

I always love recommending venues that have multiple ceremony options to choose from. This really allows you to customize your day, and choose whichever site will fit the version you have for your ideal wedding celebration! 

The Lightner Museum offers 3 wedding ceremony sites: The historic pool, the outdoor terrace and gardens, and the grand lobby.

The most popular ceremony site that I have photographed multiple times is the historic pool. It has the most beautiful string lights set up all around! The space features beautiful stairs that come down the sides of the pool, as well as the ability to transform its space into an amazing and fun reception area for dinner and dancing. 


Getting Ready for your wedding At The Lightner Museum: 

I always love when a venue has rooms for a couple and their bridal party to get ready in! It makes it easier for you and your bridal party to enjoy getting ready for your wedding day! At The Lightner museum, you have access to your own bridal suite and grooms lounge as an option! 

Let’s dive into what you can expect from these preparation spaces and how they contribute to a seamless wedding experience.

Bridal Suite:

The Lightner Museum provides a luxurious bridal suite where the bride and her bridal party can prepare for the big day. This elegant space offers ample room for hair and makeup styling, as well as comfortable seating for relaxation. With its ornate decor and natural light streaming through the windows, the bridal suite sets the stage for a relaxing and memorable pre-wedding atmosphere.

Groom’s Lounge:

For the groom and his groomsmen, The Lightner Museum offers a stylish and comfortable lounge area. Here, they can relax and unwind before the ceremony, with amenities such as comfortable seating, refreshments, a pool table, and other entertainment. The groom’s lounge provides a private room where the groom and his party can prepare in comfort and style.

Off site Hotel

Another option for getting ready is the Casa Monica Hotel which is located just steps from The Lightner Museum! This hotel is so beautiful, and offers rooms with couches and a ton of photo opportunities for both the couple and the bridal party! 


Wedding Photos at The Lightner Museum: 

Taking your bride and groom wedding photos at The Lightner Museum has endless options! Not only do you have the option of the historic pool for the ceremony site, you also can take bride and groom photos in the courtyard, grand lobby, historic corridors, and elegant staircases.If you like to venture out, you can also take your wedding photos in the streets of St. Augustine to get a city view!

FAQ’s About The Lightner Museum Weddings

Here are some FAQ’s about getting married at The Lightner Museum. 


How long do we have the venue for? 

When you rent the event space at The Lightner Museum you will have about 11 hours for your wedding festivities depending on your package! 


What is the guest capacity? 

The guest capacity for The lightner museum is anywhere between 40 – 225 guests! 


  • Historic Pool: up to 225 
  • Outdoor Terrace and Gardens: 100 for a ceremony
  • Grand lobby: 100 for a ceremony 


Can we hire our own outside caterer?

 You can hire your own caterer, however the intimate wedding package includes catering! 


How much does it cost to get married at The Lightner? 

Depending on your needs as a couple, you can spend anything from $11,500 – $36,000. It is such a big range, however each package they offer is tailored to fit your needs! 



The Lightner Museum Wedding Photographer

Now that you have some great information on the venue and have fallen in love with it, you are likely searching for the perfect photographer to document your beautiful wedding at The Lightner Museum. Since I have documented several weddings at this venue, I would love to capture yours too! You can check out my website here too, get a feel for my approach and see what my work looks like! Also take a look at The Lightner Museum wedding packages and pricing information, and say hello to me here